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Carol Martin is a jazz enthusiast and blogger on www.alljazzradio.co.za, supporter of SAJE, former manager of two music education NGOs, and a Capetown resident after several decades working in education and social development in several African and Asian countries. She wrote the story of Grizelda Grootboom, a survivor from human trafficking, published as ‘EXIT’ by Jacana/Blackbird (2016).

Sibusiso Mashiloane Moves Jazz Closer to Home – CD Review

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CD Review by CAROL MARTIN I always thought this Durban-based jazz piano composer, teacher, and performer, Sibusiso ‘Mash’ Mashiloane, was already pretty glued to ‘home’ ethnicities from which he derives his pride in studying and presenting South Africa’s musical demography. In his most recent album, Closer to Home (2018), we hear how each hill that he traverses […]

Jazz saxophonist/flautist Ivan Mazuze excels with Afro/Latin/Nordic storytelling in ‘Ndzuti’ (2012)

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Saxophonist and flautist, Norway-based Ivan Mazuze, has chosen a stellar set of international musicians who journey with him in his 2012 album, Ndzuti, which means ‘shadow’ in the ancient language of Xichangana of Mazuze’s native southern Mozambique. This album has elements from both southern and West African traditions with Jazz based structures, suggesting how widely Mazuze […]

PART II: What to expect to hear at MJF!

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There’s another musical mix at this year’s inaugural Muizenberg Jazz Festival: youth showcasing their original compositions; Cape Ghoema; South American Latin; and Xhosa-Langa contemporary jazz! A highlight on Friday evening is Argentinian Muriel Marco who will charm with her Latin jazz renditions. As a pianist and singer, Marco doesn’t cut corners. She explores how to […]

A Festival of Contrasts: Even a Small Jazz Festival Can Have Wide Diversity

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Yvette Norwood-Tiger An exciting array of contrasting bands and musical arrangements await the listeners on Friday and Saturday evenings of the Jazz Festival (13/14 October). There’s a big band, small bands, trios and quintets, and even a solo act. The most contrasting of the sub-genres of jazz is the Cape-based youth ensemble, Jazz Yard Academy, […]

Part II: What’s Special about the Muizenberg Jazz Festival offerings?

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The jazz artists performing at this year’s maiden voyage Muizenberg Jazz Festival (MJF) have performed on prominent South African and international stages, and at the Capetown International Jazz Festival (CTIJF), considered one of the most prestigious international jazz festivals in the world. Economies of scale run high for these large volume and often congested stages. […]