Ivan Mazuze

Progressive African Jazz

Saxophonist IVAN MAZUZE swings African jazz shaped by life in Mozambique and Norway. Deeply rooted in progressive African jazz, his melodies are supported by a powerful rhythm section consisting of electric bass, piano and drums, providing space for spontaneously musical interaction and improvisation that creates a landscape that moves between jazz and the African Urban soundscapes.

Poster for Ivan Mazuze

Mazuze initiated his studies in music at the National Music School in 1987 with piano as first instrument. After 7 years of classical piano training he joined the woodwind section of the same school with a jazz study approach with focus on improvisation. He continued his studies at the Department of Jazz and Ethno-Musicology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

As an artist based in Norway since 2009, Mazuze has been representing “world jazz” at music events and festivals in collaboration with Norwegian based cultural institutions such as Arts Council Norway and Music Norway. He has performed in music festivals and venues such as: Amersfoort Jazz Festival 2018, Seoul Music Week 2018, Jazztonic Festival 2018, Pisa Jazz Festival 2018, Jazz no Franco 2018, Peperoncino Jazz Festival 2017, Oslo Kulturnatt Festival 2016/2017, Cosmopolite Scene in Oslo, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Gorlitz Jazztage 2017, International Academy of Music Festival 2017, Fans JazzNetwork, Matelica Jazz Festival 2017, Auditorium Parco dela Musica, DiVino Jazz Festival 2016, Amapa Jazz Festival 2016, Copenhagen JazzFestival 2015, Havana International Jazz Festival 2012/2015, Musica Sulle Bocche International Jazz Festival 2015, Grahamstown Jazz Festival 2014, Joy of Jazz Festival 2013, Locomotive Jazz Festival 2013, Nick la Rocca Jazz Festival 2011, Mela Festival 2011/2012/2018, Cape Town International Jazz Festival 2011, Womex in Copenhagen 2011, by’Larm 2011, Musicastrada Festival 2013 and many more.

Ivan Mazuze emerges from a long tradition of jazz musicians in southern Africa. He is an important representation for this genre. He performs with his own group, and as a freelance has performed and recorded with artist such as: Hans Mathisen, Per Mathisen, Bugge Wesseltoft, Omar Sosa, Manou Gallo, Carmen Souza, Tom Kniffic, Steve Wilson, Hermeto Pascoal, Hanne Tveter, Per Mathisen, Jens Fossum, Linley Marthe, Enzo Favata, Jonathan Butler, Jimmy Dludlu, Jaco Maria, Alvin Dyers, Tucan Tucan, Loading Zone and many more.

Mazuze has been a contributing artistic mentor for the International Jazz Day celebrations in Oslo, Norway. Additionally Mazuze is the initiator for the implementation of the International Jazz Day in his home country, Mozambique, with its first ever edition in 2015.

Mazuze is a board member for the National and International folk music, joik and folk dance representation in Norway, Riksscenen. His latest and fourth album “Moya” is due to be released in October 2018 with at the mostly acclaimed and prestigious jazz representative venue in Norway, Nasjonal Jazz Scene.

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Ivan is sponsored by the Arts Council of Norway

Ivan Mazuze is visiting from Norway
Catch him live at the Muizenberg Jazz Festival – 21h30 on Saturday 17th November