Jazzart Presents

Jazzart Dance Theatre’s innovative spirit has long captivated theatre-goers with productions that challenge and inspire. This November, Jazzart is doing what it does best in a once-off, first time performance at Cape Town’s Premier Community Theatre – the Masque in Muizenberg.  The programme of four short works promises audiences an experience of visual substance with evocative dance that captivates, breaks barriers, defies gravity while embracing the curves of our African bodies and telling our African stories. Not to be missed.

Opening this performance is Brown Eyes, Honey Thighs, under the direction of Ananda Fuchs, presenting the realities of three women responding to the chaos that confronts them daily.  With its successful debut at this year’s Voorkamerfees in Darling, it highlights the intertwining of the passion, the anger and the strength that propels women forward, and compels them to take one step after another, even when the world appears to have gone mad.

VRUGTE (Fruits), was conceptualised and directed by well-respected dance-maker, teacher and artistic activist Alfred Hinkel, with choreography by John Linden, Dustin Jannetjies and Faroll Coetzee (all members of GARAGE from O’Kiep, Namaqualand).  Hinkel has described this work as being the full-bodied harvest of countless years of nature and nurture, the rewards reaped in the autumn of a life fully lived and inspired by the music of Phillip Tabane.  A treat for any dance enthusiast.

Jazzart and Chrysalis Academy have solidified a mutually beneficial partnership in 2018 by creating a nine-month dance leadership programme housed at the academy in Tokai. Eighteen young adults from Cape Town and surrounds have experienced a full-time programme focussed on dance, psychosomatic processes and leadership development facilitated by some of the country’s best therapeutic and movement practitioners.

The manifestation of some of these encounters comes to fruition in Exurgent (defined as someone/ something arising or coming to light), a dance work referencing growth, comraderie and resilience.  We can choose to believe that the light still exists even when the darkness feels overwhelming,” says Ananda Fuchs, their Jazzart teacher and Choreographer.

One of the highlights of the show will be the commissioned work created by acclaimed dancer, Shaun Oelf, a graduate dancer of Jazzart (2009), entitled Limitless Self. A new work that explores the pinnacles of discovering oneself – joy, sorrow, pain and pleasure, juxtaposed with the discipline and self-reflection necessary to create an artist and embrace the ever-changing landscape of life, allowing the creative to express love unselfconsciously and with limitless compassion.

Jazzart’s Artistic Director, Sifiso Kweyama, comments that “South Africans are in the midst of surviving daily chaos, political uncertainty and a generalised fear of what tomorrow will present. In all of this, we can only highlight some of the body’s stories that are seldom told or expressed except in the realm of art, a heart song of resistance and determination.”