McCoy Mrubata Band

McCoy Mrubata was born in Langa, Cape Town. With the difficulty of living under the apartheid government and the 1976’s uprising, McCoy left school and followed his music passion. His instrument then was flute, which he studied informally under the likes of Madoda Gxabeka, the Ngcukanas, Winston Ngozi, Ezra and many Langa-musicians.

Poster for McCoy Mrubata's show

Mrubata and his band present a special Langa Township jive and swing which will elegantly paint a-proudly-South-African hew on this local-is-lekker Jazz Festival.

Mrubata’s current music involvement includes producing and teaching. His ambition is to keep SA typical music alive at home and sharing his South African experiences through music with the rest of the continent and the world at large.

He is married with four kids and currently lives in Johannesburg.