Tucan Tucan

World Jazz

“Tucan Tucan, a delicious South American Music bird Seasoned with African Spices. Put simply, the music of Tucan Tucan is a delightful, amorphous mixture that refuses to be compartmentalized… Who said Ubuntu is Dead? If it is, then Tucan Tucan has just resurrected it!” – Richard Nwamba, Sawubona Magazine.

Poster for Tucan TucanThe desire of Muriel Marco from Argentina and Frank Paco from Mozambique / South Africa to unite and fuse different styles of music, resulted in the launch of Tucan Tucan.

Their music: A kaleidoscope of sound. World Jazz music with Latin & House beat infusion.

A vibrant melting pot of African rhythms and South American tones embellished with jazz arrangements and high energy dance beats.




Catch Tucan Tucan at the Muizenberg Jazz Festival – 11h00 on Friday 16th November